ANNOUNCE: Avogadro 1.0 Release

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ANNOUNCE: Avogadro 1.0 Release

Geoffrey Hutchison-3
I am very proud to announce the availability of Avogadro 1.0.

Avogadro is a free, open source, cross-platform molecular editor designed for flexible use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bioinformatics, materials science, and related areas. Packages are available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux. The source code source is available under the GNU GPLv2.

What does Avogadro do?
* We've tried to make the best, most intuitive "builder," including common fragments, downloading directly from PDB or PubChem, and peptide sequences.
* Innovative "auto-optimize" tool which allows you to continue to build and modify, during molecular mechanics optimization.
* Interfaces to many common computational packages.
* Designed to help both educational users and advanced research.
* Plugins that allow Avogadro to be extended and customized.
* Well defined public API, library and Python bindings for development.
* Embedded Python interpreter.
* Translations available in 12+ languages.

This is a community project and we couldn't have made this release without you. Many thanks to all the contributors to Avogadro including those of you who submitted feedback, bug reports, and code. Particular thanks go to all the translators.

Geoff Hutchison
The Avogadro Project

P.S. We consider this as a milestone, but really "the end of the beginning." We'd like to make this a real community project. Please give us your feedback and your suggestions to make Avogadro the best possible molecular editor.

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