Compiled Windows version revised (again)

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Compiled Windows version revised (again)

Chris Morley-3
There is a revised compiled Windows version of OpenBabel
2.0.0 available for download as

This has both a GUI and a command line program, each built
as a standalone exe.

Both programs look the same as before, except that the
command line version has slightly improved error messages,
  arising from it being built with the latest MS compiler.

The previous compiled Windows version was based on DLLs
and was being very inconsistent - on some systems it would
be fine and on others it malfunctioned. I have confidence
that the new version will be better, but if you have any
difficulties be sure to submit a bug report so that we can
put this embarrassing episode behind us as quickly as
possible. My thanks to those who have submitted reports on
the DLL version, particularly Shawn Kaplan. I still
haven't sorted out the cause of the problems: any
suggestions are welcome.


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