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Compiling on AIX 5.2 (fwd)

Mikael Johansson-4

One shouldn't mail when having the flu... Last try.

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Hello All!

To get 2.0 to compile on an IBM AIX 5.2 machine, I had to change
src/formats/inchi/IChICan2.c. The file uses a variable named 'hz' which at
least on my system is defined by the system. During preprocessing 'hz' becomes
an integer (100), halting compilation.

In my stupidity, I already tride twice to send the patched file as an
attachment (unsuccesfully, obviously), so now I've attached just the diff :-)
In the diff I've replaced the occurences of 'hz' with 'hz_new' which makes the
compiler happy.

Have a nice day,
     Mikael J.

Mikael Johansson, application specialist, chemistry support
CSC - IT Center for Science, P.O. Box 405, FI-02101 Espoo, Finland
Tel.: +358-9-457 2934,, e-mail: [hidden email]

diff-of-IChICan2.c (882 bytes) Download Attachment