Conti took over Chelsea

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Conti took over Chelsea

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Conti took over Chelsea at the beginning and did not use the 343 formation, and the team lost in the first six rounds of the ball 9 goals Bobby Farnham Jersey, losing two realities to make the decision to change the formation of three Sanwei formation, in the use of three Weiwei formation 26 In the game, Chelsea lost only 18 balls, averaging 0.69 balls, in the media and fans, the use of three Weiwei formation is Chelsea this season in the Premiership stadium ride a trick Justin Schultz Jersey.

Aixio ancient was born on November 3, 1972, the player era of the post. In 1989 the 16-year-old debut in the old English club West Brom, in 1991, transferred to England in the middle of tyrannical Aston Villa Tom Barrasso Jersey. At that time the ability to compete for the league title of Vera, Ecuio ancient rapid growth, with the Irish star McGrath partner of the main defender, and then with the current England coach Suo Ge Geet match.

In the five years of effectiveness of Vera Jaromir Jagr Jersey, Esciou played more than 300 games, experienced the 1994 and 1996 League Cup win the joy, also experienced the 2000 FA Cup final loss to Chelsea pain. But also in the FA Cup after the absence of Aixiu ancient choice to join Middlesbrough, the transfer fee was recorded at the time of a record 800 million pounds. Here, he and he followed the pace of joining Sauter Gates continue to form a midway partner, although the injury many times struck, he was able to keep the main position in health, Middlesbrough won the 2004 Carling Cup, Into the UEFA Cup, have his contribution, after leaving the team in 2007, the Egyptian ancient wandering the Rangers and the British crown Xie Xie short-term effect, then in 2009 hanging boots.