In the success of the Blues

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In the success of the Blues

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In the success of the Blues to suppress the backcourt in the backcourt Jarret Stoll Jersey, Manchester United efforts to combat the blue is the left side of the district, tall, slightly slower at the foot of the characteristics of the math is difficult to crack the oppression, the left side of the blue transport The line is easy to cut off the opponent. In the first half of the time, the Blues not only can not enter the restricted area or even difficult to cross the halftime, until the end of the first half before the team to complete the field's first shot.

This season, Schweinsteiger in Mourinho coached Manchester United only played four times, the season even was also assigned to the reserve team, and finally he chose to leave last month. After the German star left, Mourinho also publicly apologized: "I regret that I treat him like that, during Manchester United I was not good enough for him." Schweinsteiger did not hold a grudge, he was very accepted Mourinho's apology Tie Domi Jersey, but also wish Manchester United to qualify for the Champions League next season, he has never said Manchester United and Mourinho bad words.

The first 37 minutes of the game, Costa Rucker scramble for high-altitude ball when the collision together, Costa fell to the ground when the pressure to the Luo Huo body, fell to the ground of the Argentines in the shy shouting at the same time Mike Richter Jersey, With his arm sweep to Costa's face, the latter is homeopathic head down on the ground. For the two Oscar actor level performance, "Sky Sports" ridicule: "In order to let the opponent was sent off, both of them behave like a gun in the same Nick Holden Jersey.