Manchester United in the hard

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Manchester United in the hard

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Manchester United in the hard two-line fights, there have been a lot of injuries to reduce attrition, more and more voice suggested that Manchester United to give up the league, after all, today's Red Devils really do not go hand in hand capital. "When we lost the hope of winning the Champions League in the league theoretically, we will focus on the European Cup, which is an important championship and we want to move on. Today's game proves that the UEFA Cup Is also very difficult, this is the 1/4 finals, we never thought that this game will be very simple.

Wenger had six times led Arsenal won the FA Cup, the history of no one can, and these days, the British media have disclosed, Wenger will be in this summer with the gunman for about 2 years Bobby Farnham Jersey, and the professor also made it clear that, He does not need to rely on the FA Cup continued: "That (FA Cup) and my future has nothing to do for me Mike Condon Jersey, the FA Cup is a very important game, because this is the next game, but also a Chance, just like i told you like this to win a championship this season.

"So of course we will go all out, my future is on Sunday, I will be dedicated, I only focus on Arsenal Brian Dumoulin Jersey." Then the professor also disclosed that he may be in Winbrid followed three guard tactics, just like Monday Beat the fortress of the same time, however, Mustafi will be absent because of thigh injury, Welbeck also injured in the appearance of doubt, and Ospina, Lucas - Perez also continue to hurt Justin Schultz Jersey.