[Open Babel] ANNOUNCE: Open Babel 2.0 Released

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[Open Babel] ANNOUNCE: Open Babel 2.0 Released

Geoffrey Hutchison

I'm extremely proud to announce the release of Open Babel 2.0.0, the  
latest stable version of the free chemistry file translation program  
and chemistry software library. This release marks the fourth  
"birthday" of the Open Babel project and a milestone for a stable,  
flexible interface for developers and users alike.

OpenBabel is a project designed to pick up where Babel left off, as a  
cross-platform program and library designed to interconvert between  
many file formats used in molecular modeling, computational chemistry  
and related areas.

Highlights of the 2.0 release include a new conversion framework  
making it easier to develop new translators, dramatically improved  
support for merging, splitting, and batch conversion, a framework for  
molecular fingerprints, similarity searching, a fast molecular  
database format, support for Perl and Python scripting "wrappers,"  
automatic support for reading .gz (gzip) compressed files, support  
for the new IUPAC/NIST InChI identifiers and more.

What's new? See the release notes at:

To download, see:

For more information, see the project website at:

Many thanks to all the contributors to Open Babel. Particular thanks  
go to (in no particular order) Jean Bréfort, Nick England, David  
Hoekman, Elmar Krieger, Christian Laggner, Chris Morley, and Chris  
Swain for helping to get this release out the door.


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