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[Open Babel] Release Plans for 2.0, Updated Website

Geoffrey Hutchison
Hi everyone,

There hasn't been a whole lot of discussion on the upcoming 2.0  
release, partly because both Chris Morley and I have been quite busy  
with development and other work. Currently, the tentative release  
date has been set for Nov. 25, 2005. This, as it turns out, is Open  
Babel's 4th "birthday."

The "snapshot" releases seem to have been useful for many people.  
There will probably be one more snapshot made this month before the  
release. Please report any bugs you are currently experiencing with  
the snapshots or other Open Babel code ASAP -- otherwise they cannot  
be addressed in time for the release of 2.0. (It's not that we don't  
want to fix every bug, but there are a lot of things to test. More  
beta testers are always welcome.)

I have worked on an updated website in honor of the 2.0 release. This  
will include the full API documentation:
(currently) http://openbabel.sourceforge.net/dev-api/

A preview of the new website can be found at:

It also includes the beginnings of a "file format database" which  
will list any limitations in Open Babel's implementation, what sorts  
of features are supported (e.g., isotopes, 2D coordinates,  
sterocenters...). In some cases, it will also include a file format  
specification (e.g., for XYZ files what Open Babel will accept as  
input and write as output).

Many thanks to everyone who has helped with Open Babel -- the 2.0  
release looks like it will be a very solid one.

Suggestions, comments, complaints are always welcome!


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