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[Open Babel] Rough Release Timeline

Geoffrey Hutchison

OK, here's a proposed release timeline. If some of these points don't  
make sense for you, it's safe to ignore them. :)

At the moment, there is one remaining bug in the tracker -- the  
current code doesn't work correctly on Cygwin or with static builds  
on UNIX. This bug has been around since this summer, and no one has  
complained bitterly. So it'll be broken in 2.0. If you want to see  
this fixed, please send me an e-mail and we'll work something out.

Done already:
* Release 2.0.0rc1 snapshot. This does not cover the bug fix for  
unspecified chiral centers PR#1324929, but that's a 2-line change  
that I just tested.

* Updated CVS "mainline" with the end of the openbabel-new-framework  

* I will create a new CVS branch openbabel-2-0-x for the 2.0.x  
releases tonight (~10pm US Eastern Standard time).

* Any bug reports between now and next Friday will be "triaged." If  
there are critical bugs, I'll change the release date so we can fix  
them and test. Minor glitches will be fixed as time allows. E-mail  
votes (on this list) will be used to make any decisions one way or  
the other. :-)

* The code should be considered "frozen." (It's about -1C outside my  
office right now, so that seems fitting.) Only tested bug-fixes,  
documentation changes, minor fixes to build scripts/Makefiles should  
go in. Again, e-mail votes will work if it's not clear.

* Excepting any critical bugs, I'll package up the 2.0 release ~1pm  
EST on 11/25 (i.e., next Friday) and update the website.

All of which is an extremely long-winded way of saying that  
everything's in great shape! Thanks to everyone for their help in  
getting this together.


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