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Troubleshooting --filter

     I am having a little difficulty using the --filter switch with Open Babel.  I have a directory of 2,000 compounds in a folder named "in" and I only want to copy those compounds that meet the Lipinski Rule of 5 criteria into another directory named "out".

     I am using the following command in a bash script:

     babel -imol2 in/0001.mol2 -omol2 out/0001.mol2 --filter "L5"

     However, this has the effect of copying all 2,000 molecules.  Is there some syntax error here?  I am quite confident that most of my 2,000 molecules do not meet the Lipinksi Rule of 5.

     Even if I filter with a very stringent criteria:

     babel -imol2 in/0001.mol2 -omol2 out/0001.mol2 --filter "MW<10"

     All 2,000 compounds are still copied.  It seems that my --filter argument is being ignored?

Thank you for your time,
M. H. Arian