new MacroMolecular Transmission Format (MMTF)

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new MacroMolecular Transmission Format (MMTF)

Stefano Forli
Hi all,
the Protein Data Bank is finally moving toward what looks like a much better file binary
format, the MMTF [1].
Among various things, it provides much higher efficiency in terms of parsing speed and
size (i.e., the whole PDB would shrink from 29 to 7 Gb).

The format has already Python, Java and Javascript support, released under Apache license.

I think this is an extremely promising and interesting move, and in my lab we're
particularly interested in all the advantages that could bring over the now dated PDB format.

In couple of days I'm going to attend to this event [2] where some of the people involved
in the development of the format will give a 2 hours overview of the project.
Since I think it would be interesting for the future development of OpenBabel, if any of
the developers have suggestions about questions/requests to bring to them, I would be
happy to 'relay' them.
Otherwise, I can bring back some feedback to discuss with the community.




  Stefano Forli, PhD

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  Structural and Computational Biology,
  Molecular Graphics Laboratory

  Dept. of Integrative Structural
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